Under the Spotlight – The Shimano Game Series T Curve Tiagra 37kg rod.



It’s always exciting going to sea for your first tuna fishing trip of the season, even more so when you get to test a rod that you were involved (to a small degree) in developing. Shimano’s international rod development gurus visited Big Catch last season for some tuna fishing advice. Their goal was to develop an exceptional tuna fishing rod suited to catching the Cape’s big yellowfin tuna. There is a huge amount of technology behind building a new rod and it was very interesting to learn more from the Shimano team. Big Catch gave some pointers on what we would be looking for in an ideal tuna rod based on our experiences.

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The result is the Shimano Game Series T Curve Tiagra 37kg rod. It’s a five and a half foot blank combined with big AFTCO eyes and quality components. The rod looks and feels great – the big question is how does it handle a big yellowfin tuna?

A couple of weeks back we were out in the deep on our first tuna fishing trip of the season and I was presented the opportunity of testing this rod first hand. I hooked into a decent fish in the early morning  and really enjoyed the fight with the Shimano blank being very responsive. It is forgiving in that it bends under the adjusting pressure or load from the tuna and to the correct degree helping absorb the pressure from the fish into the rod blank rather than transferring it into your harness. The rod guides are big enough and my mainline to leader knot did not get snagged up passing through the guides. I was really impressed with the performance of the rod and won’t hesitate to add more to my tuna fishing arsenal. BTW – My tuna weighed in at 91kgs 🙂

  • David Christie

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RASSPL SA Championship – Mike Bailey

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On the 5th -7th May the 2016 RASSPL SA Championships were held in Aniston/Struisbaai. With provincial members coming from afar, all with great hopes and expectations!  Mike Bailey was one of the competitors. Here is his tales from the fishing waters.

I certainly felt the pressure being the 2015 champion with many an angler breathing down my neck.This year I had the great pleasure of angling with my eldest son in his very first major competition.Armed with my Stella 18000SW and Saragossa 8000, all filled with Gosen braid, which I found to be smooth and easy to fish with, partnered with the new Assassin Horizon 15ft Spinning rod, I was ready for war!

Angling with extremely strong winds and high seas, especially on the second and third days, catching a variety of species was slow and difficult….managing seven species on the first day, four on the second and only two on the final day, together with several fish of the same to add to the points system.

I chose the Stella 18000SW rather than the 20000SW because of the differences between the retrieve ratios being 5.7:1 compared to 4.4:1, which helps when making many long casts in a day, which in turn need to be retrieved and thus tiring oneself out. This was teamed together with the new Assassin Horizon rod which has a slow taper, which is very forgiving in the cast which will help anglers who struggle with their casting, yet has a nice lazy action when fighting a fish on braid. With this said I was just as happy casting a 4oz as was I with a 8oz!

Until the next fishing story!!!  – Mike Bailey

The Big Catch team would like to congratulate Mike who came in second overall and caught the biggest mussel cracker. He has also been named as the Captain for the SA A-team for the next years internationals. We look forward to hearing more fishing stories and tips from Mike on his adventures.

– Rensha

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Blue Ray Angling Club Priving Giving for the 2012/2013 season

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Blue Ray Angling Club had their annual awards ceremony at the Five Flies restaurant on the 20/07/13 the evening started off with light music and drinks, Mario, the master of ceremony, started the proceedings with welcoming everybody who attended and a very warm thank you was given to Big Catch for their sponsorship and support.
Mario mentioned that the Blue Ray Angling Club has been fishing now for two and a half years and though they are a small club they still came 5th overall in the Western Cape. Blue Ray AGM will be held at Big Catch this coming week.
Firstly Certificates were handed out to the greatest Achievers:
1) Paulo De Matos for a 5.04Kg Fish Caught
2) Junior Record set by Brendon Joubert for a 7.10Kg Shark Caught.
3) Warren Teixeira for a 19.99Kg White Spotty Caught.
4) Club Record for a 28.96Kg Black Spotty caught by Warren Teixeira.
5) John for a 32.2Kg fish Caught.
6) Shane Gomes for a 17.97Kg Cow Shark caught.
7) Willie De Wet for a 133.37Kg Bronze Whaler caught.
8) Shane Gomes for a 78.26Kg Stingray caught.
9) Grant Meyer for a 3.38Kg Geelbek caught.
10) Neal, Latest member, for a Kob caught.
11) Warren Teixeira for 11.2Kg Kob caught.
Thereafter the trophies were handed out for the different categories:
1) Heaviest non – edible 134Kg Bronzy – Willie De Wet
2) Heaviest Edible – 11.2Kg Kob – Warren Teixeira
3) Top Junior Angler – Brenden Joubert
4) Top Senior Angler – Shane Gomes
5) Top Master Angler – Willie De Wet
6) The Conservation Trophy went to Grant Meyer
7) The Trophy for the most dedication and commitment went to Willie De Wet.
8) Overall Champion Angler – Willie De Wet
9) The Struisbaai Trophy went to Shane Gomes.
10) Heaviest Kob 11.2Kg’s – Warren Teixeira
After the Prizes were all handed out a nice finger supper was enjoyed by all.

For pictures of the Prize Giving, please follow the link:

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The Movement Behaviour of Important Coastal Fishery Species

On the 30th of May 2013 a few members of the Big catch team, Jason and Mark, attended an event at the Goodwood Sports Angling Club where Dr Paul Cowley a leading SA conservationist and fisheries management expert was holding a presentation “The Movement behaviour of important coastal fishery species”. 

Four species of fish were spoken about namely; Steenbras, Kob, Garick and Galion.

The meeting was attended by shark experts as well as recreational rock and surf anglers.  The evening was an eye opener as information was shared as to how many fish were tagged and released and how many of those fish were caught again over a 12 year period. 17 500 fish were caught and tagged, 15 000 of which were recaptured.

Most of the fish were caught in Titsikama, Port Elizabeth harbour and Sundays River.